Foley Mortgage About Us

In the 1950’s, Eugene Foley (Gene) recognized a need in his community.  He saw that homeowners had created home equity, but had no way to take cash from that equity. Through his network, he found private investors willing to make loans to these homeowners.  These loans were usually small, second mortgages behind fixed, 30 year bank loans.  They were costlier than traditional bank loans and nicknamed “hard money loans”.

Gene soon opened E. F. Foley & Co., a small mortgage office on Lincoln Avenue in Willow Glen.  From this location, he arranged home loans for families, financed small businesses and offered income to grateful investors

By 1989, E. F. Foley & Co., Inc. had outgrown its Willow Glen office and moved into a new office on The Alameda.  By then, Pam Foley, Gene’s daughter-in-law, had been working at E. F. Foley & Co., Inc. for several years as a loan officer.

In 1993, after 36 years in business, Gene sold his company to Pam and his son, Mike.  They continued to grow the business and began offering traditional 15 and 30 year fixed mortgage home loans.  Today Foley Mortgage continues to make hard money loans, but the rates and points are only a fraction of what they once were.

Still owned by Mike and Pam Foley, Foley Mortgage is dedicated to fulfilling all of your financing and real estate needs.  The staff is friendly, dependable and professional; qualities you would expect from a company that has been around for over 60 years.

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